Classic Rocks Couture by Sasha

Sasha found her creative passion at the young age of 7 while helping her Gramma Edith sew fringe, beads and rhinestones onto stage clothes for her father legendary rocker, Ted Nugent. Around the same time, Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart taught her how to string tiny pink beads to make her first necklace.

A true love for jewelry design was born!

After years of adorning herself and loved ones with her creations and receiving so many wonderful compliments, a hobby blossomed into something more. Demand grew and Sasha launched her own line of handmade jewelry, Classic Rocks Couture.

Growing up traveling the world on rock’n roll tours & hunting expeditions ingrained deep and powerful memories that are captured in her work. Being raised in the outdoors by her father who is an avid hunter and conservationist, Sasha gained a deep respect and adoration for mother earth and all of her wildlife glory. Some of the materials Sasha uses are from animals her family have harvested and symbolize her reverence for utilizing every piece of these God given gifts.

Sasha also draws inspiration from the enchanting island of St. Barths and her late mother, Sandy, who also had an intense love of the beach and all things vintage. Sandy is the “heavenly” in Classic Rocks Couture. These mesmerizing qualities and bohemian feel are exhibited in exquisite color combinations & romantic touches.

Every Classic Rocks Couture piece is carefully crafted by hand using unique findings that resonate Sasha’s distinct design aesthetic in a chic and stylish way. The natural beauty and way the elements come together is reflected in every design and that of every beautiful woman who wears them.